Kettlebell Lunges: Benefits, Variations & How To Do Them

Kettlebell lunges and dumbbell lunges are completely different things, although many of the elements of the exercises are really similar. But what are the advantages of working with a kettlebell – we will find out right now.

Benefits of Kettlebell Lunges

Kettlebell exercises are performed using one or two kettlebells. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, which makes execution very difficult. Kettlebells allow you to focus on a particular muscle, and also combine several movements at the same time, for example, kettlebell presses and lunges. This makes the exercise super-intense and functional, and it doesn’t matter whether you hold the kettlebell in one hand or on the shoulder, or use two kettlebells at once – all exercises are highly effective.

kettlebell lunges benefits

8 Variations of Kettlebell Lunges Exercise

1. Kettlebell Lunge

This is the classic version and is suitable for absolutely everyone, as it is a very effective and simple exercise in technical terms.

Lunges are performed with two kettlebells held on outstretched arms on either side of the body.

How To Do Kettlebell Lunge?

  1. Take two weights and hold them at your sides.
  2. Stand up straight. Look in front of you and keep your body straight.
  3. Place your feet wide.
  4. Lunge forward (or backward) with one leg as you inhale, keeping your torso straight with your back knee on the floor.
  5. Then, with an exhalation, return to the starting position.
  6. Repeat the movement on the opposite leg and alternate lunges on both sides.

2. Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Lunge

One of the biggest advantages of a kettlebell is its ability to engage stabilizing muscles, and the second important advantage is that the athlete can perform really difficult movements and use many muscles at the same time.

In this exercise, the athlete will work not only with his legs, but also load the shoulder girdle, core muscles and improve balance.

How To Do Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Lunge?

  1. Take the kettlebell, bend over slightly and perform the lifting, then lift it over your head.
  2. Keep your opposite hand to the side for balance.
  3. Lunge forward (or backward) while inhaling, keeping your torso upright.
  4. Return to the starting position with an exhalation.
  5. Repeat the movement on the same leg as many times as needed.
  6. When finished, take the kettlebell in your other hand and repeat the movement with the other leg.

3. Dual Arm Kettlebell Overhead Lunge

The exercise is performed in the same way as the previous one. In this version, it will be more correct to alternate legs, and not perform one set for each leg separately.

How To Do Dual Arm Kettlebell Overhead Lunge?

  1. Take two weights, bend slightly and raise them to shoulder level (taking the kettlebell), then lift them up and hold them in straight arms above your head.
  2. While maintaining this static position, lunge forward, keeping your torso straight.
  3. Bend your front knee 90 degrees without touching your back leg with your knee.
  4. Return to starting position and do the same on the opposite leg. Alternate legs.

4. Kettlebell Reverse Lunge Pass Through

This is a complex coordination exercise that allows you to develop not only the strength of the legs, but also the coordination of the upper and lower extremities. This exercise also develops balance.

How To Do Kettlebell Reverse Lunge Pass Through?

  1. Take the kettlebell in your right hand and hold it to the side.
  2. Lunge backward with your left foot.
  3. When you are at the bottom of the lunge, pass the kettlebell under your left leg and grab it with your left hand.
  4. Then take the starting position.
  5. Repeat the same movement on the other leg and alternate sides.

This is the best way to develop resilience and coordination.

5. Kettlebell Goblet Lunge

This exercise, in fact, is a regular lunges, but is performed with one kettlebell.

In addition to improving strength and development of the lower body (quads, glutes, hamstrings).

How To Do Kettlebell Goblet Lunge?

  1. Take the kettlebell with both hands and lift it to chest level.
  2. Keep your torso straight and your legs close together.
  3. Lunge with one foot forward without changing the position of the kettlebell.
  4. Take the starting position.
  5. Repeat the movement to the opposite side.

6. Kettlebell Reverse Lunge to Single-Arm Press

If you are looking for a more difficult, complex exercise, then the reverse lunge is exactly what you need. This exercise dynamically engages the shoulder muscles with an overhead press.

How To Do Kettlebell Reverse Lunge to Single-Arm Press?

  1. Take one kettlebell and lift it to shoulder level, keeping your elbows in front of you.
  2. Stand up straight with your feet close to each other.
  3. Keeping your back straight, lunge back with one leg.
  4. Press the kettlebell over your head as you exhale and slowly bring it back to your shoulder as you inhale.
  5. Take the starting position by bringing the foot back. First, the lunge and press are performed on one side.
  6. Then take the kettlebell in your other hand and lunge to the other side.

7. Kettlebell Side Lunge

An excellent exercise for those experiencing tightness in the hip joint. Usually, it occurs in people with a sedentary lifestyle. If this is your case, a side lunge can be one of the best pelvic mobility exercises. It is best to start this option with a warm-up and do it without weights.

How To Do Kettlebell Side Lunge?

  1. Take the kettlebell and hold it with both hands at chest level.
  2. Take a step to the side, the distance between the feet is slightly more than shoulder width apart.
  3. Keep your torso upright.
  4. Slowly lower yourself to one side while inhaling, maintaining balance.
  5. At the bottom of the movement, pause briefly, and then return to the starting position as you exhale.
  6. Repeat the movement alternating your legs.

8. Dual Kettlebell Reverse Lunge

In addition to leg strength, this exercise develops the vestibular apparatus. This is one of the best lunge variations for developing lower body balance.

How To Do Dual Kettlebell Reverse Lunge?

  1. Take two weights and hold them at your sides.
  2. Keep your torso straight and look in front of you.
  3. Place your feet parallel to each other shoulder-width apart.
  4. Take a step back and gently lower yourself down, maintaining stability.
  5. Take the starting position and repeat on the opposite leg.