Nolvadex: General characteristics and main disadvantages

Composition: 1 tablet contains tamoxifen citrate, 10, 20, 30 or 40 mg.

Action: anti-tumor, anti-estrogen. Competitive blocking estrogen receptors in the target organs and thus inhibits tumor growth, stimulated by estrogen.

what does nolvadex do on cycleThis means a few drops out of the total number of drugs, t. To. It no androgenic or anabolic agent. Yet it is necessary to advise how useful means bodybuilders, and prove that it is a wide range of effects and positive results. Nolvadex (or its other name – Tamoxifen) belongs to the group of sex hormones and is an anti-estrogen. Normally, its scope – the treatment of certain forms of breast cancer in women. The drug stops the growth of malignant tumors and prevents the formation of new ones. The growth of certain types of tumors caused by its own estrogen. This applies primarily to the breast of men and women, t. To. It has a huge amount of estrogen receptors, which can bind to estrogen found in the blood. When estrogen levels are unusually high, it may cause undesirable growth of the mammary glands. Yet it is men dan bilzerian snapchat who take it often. At first glance, it seems incredible, but on closer examination it becomes clear all of the drug, for simultaneously taking Nolvadex with anabolic steroids. Since majority of steroids are more or less strongly flavored, i.e. their substance is converted into estrogen in athletes may increase estrogen levels in the blood, which is normally very low. There are a variety of feminization: gynecomastia, increased fat accumulation and increased water retention in the body. Anti-estrogen Nolvadex counteracts this by blocking the estrogen receptors of body tissues, thereby preventing the formation of compounds “estrogen receptor +.” Yet it is important to understand that Nolvadex does not stop the aromatization but only blocks the estrogen receptors of the body for aromatic molecules, ie, is only estrogen antagonist. This means that testosterone and its synthetic derivatives (steroids) in prezhdnemu susceptible to estrogen conversion. The drug is in a perpetual contest with them for estrogen receptors. That flaw, t. To. After administration to Nolvadex may “boomerang effect”, ie freed estrogen receptors can start collecting the accumulated blood estrogens.

What does nolvadex do? So it makes sense to combine the intake of Nolvadex with Proviron (see. Proviron). Nolvadex is very good in the diet, ie. To, supports the fat burning process. Although it has no direct zhiroszhigayuschim property, it is still due to its anti-estrogenic effects in the body helps to maintain the lowest possible fat content. Nolvadex should be taken together with the strong androgenic steroids – Dianabol, Anadrol 50 or different versions of testosterone. Athletes are prone to a strong accumulation of water in the body and is easy to have problems with mammary gland should use Nolvadex for any steroid treatment as a preventive measure. Since Nolvadex in most cases works very well, it is not surprising that some athletes take Anadrol and Dianabol until the day of the competition, and in combination with some diuretic. This allows them to appear on the stage of elastic and dried. And those who already low level of fat, enjoy using Nolvadex significantly improved muscle density. Read more

what does nolvadex do on pctSome willingly take the drug at the end of the steroid course, t. To. What does nolvadex do? He increases the production of testosterone – what we’ll talk more in the future and prevent estrogen-caused side effects. But they may occur as the discontinuation of steroids when the androgen level in the blood below the level of estrogen in the body kotroye become the dominant hormone. It is extremely rare, but the most complicated problem with Nolvadex is that in some cases it does not lower the estrogen level but can increase the contrary. American physician Dr. Mauro Pasquale argues in his book, “The use of drugs in amateur sport”, “Recent studies still show that the effect of tamoxifen (Nolvadex), some people may be quite the opposite. Instead of a reduction of production of estrogen as is stipulated, it contributes to their emergence. Instead of anti- estrogen it may be an agonist, not antagonist. For some more scientific reason, he, in some cases greatly increases the production occurring in the kidney of dehydroepiandrosterone. And since the latter is an intermediate in the formation of peripheral estrogen (or testosterone) level tarragon serum increases that It obscures the effects of Tamoxifen, which binds to the central receptors. It is easy enough to increase serum levels of tarragon, to obscure the anti-estrogenic effects Teamoksifena. ”

A further disadvantage is that the drug laurabolin reduces the anabolic effect of some steroids. The fact that Nolvadex, is known to lower the level of estrogen. Yet some steroids – first of all the various options of testosterone – can fully demonstrate their qualities only at sufficiently high levels of estrogen. Let us turn to the book of Daniel Duchaine “Ask the Guru”: “But he (testosterone) anabolic, not in itself, but only at high levels of estrogen, but it allows him to fully demonstrate their qualities, fitball. The anabolic activity of many steroids so reduced while taking Nolvadex.” But those who are accustomed to a high dosage of steroids need not worry. Those who prefer mainly the lungs steroids (Primobolan, Winstrol, Oxandrolone and Deca Durabolin), must weigh whether to take Nolvadex or not, t. To. He may reduce the already modest effects of these drugs. Read more

Rarely observed, but pleasing kachesvo Nolvadex is that it has a direct effect on the hypothalamus and thus reinforced through the release of gonadotropins excites the production of testosterone. The result – a huge increase in blood testosterone. It has been repeatedly mentioned in the book of the physician Dr. Mauro Pasquale, writing in the German edition of his book, “Side effects of anabolic steroids: facts, fictions and treatment”: “Anti-estrogens have only a minor impact on the wounded anabolic steroids arc” hypothalamus – pituitary – testes. “Perhaps this is due to the direct and strong subjected to said anabolic steroids. ” Therefore, bodybuilders should consider whether to take Nolvadex. Side effects at doses up to 30 mg per day are rare. In rare cases nausea, vomiting, fever, pomrachnenie of consciousness, dizziness, disorders of visual function. The women – menstrual cycle disorder that manifests itself in scanty menstruation or even in their absence. Women should pay attention to, God forbid do not get pregnant while taking Nolvadex. For female athletes, it is important hcg 5000 iu to know that you can not take Nolvadex pills at the same time, t. To. The anti-estrogen Nolvadex and pills containing estrogen negatively affect each other. The usual daily dose for athletes the same as recommended by the manufacturer and is 10 – 30 mg per day. To prevent side effects caused by estrogen only 10 mg per day, which makes low-hazard mitigation undertaken simultaneously steroids. Often, as a preventive measure it is sufficient if the athlete begins to take Nolvadex after 3 – 4 weeks after you start taking steroids. Athletes are prone to gynecomastia, strong accumulation of water, enhanced accumulation of fat when taking Dianabol, Testosterone, Anadrol 50, Deca and other steroids, taken as a rule 20 – s0 mg per day. Combined intake of 20 – 30 mg of Nolvadex and 25 – 50 mg Proviron day gives extremely good results here. The same applies to athletes who are in the phase of the competition, and women. Women should still refuse to accept Nolvadex or reduce the dose to 25 mg per day. Strongly gynecomastia can not be neglected how to calculate protein intake in most cases eliminate using Nolvadex so that often requires surgical intervention, often paid from the health insurance fund. The first signs of a possible gynecomastia – light pain when touching the nipples. The tablets are taken 1 – 2 times a day with meals, nerazzhevannymi, drink the liquid.

General conclusion

Why is Tamoxifen a better choice than Clomid? There are a number of reasons for this, which we will give below.

Tamoxifen can restore the required amount of testosterone hormone in the athlete’s body, while providing less critical impact on the pituitary gland than Clomid.
Tamoxifen perfectly interferes with the life of estrogen throughout the body. Since it also works in the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, it will not only represent an unconditional stimulus for the qualitative development of the level of its own important testosterone hormone, but also allow to remain undesirable fluids.
Tamoxifen reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol, which is important for all athletes who take courses of steroid drugs.
Clomid has the ability to increase the level of globulin, which is directly related to testosterone. This is bad for the weight of the athlete.
In terms of price policy, the cost advantage is again on the side of Tamokifen, since Clomid is a more expensive drug.